Photo Gallery

Two Kitchen Drawers Before

Two Kitchen Drawers After

Misc. Kitchen Drawers Before

Misc. Kitchen Drawers After

Most items in the drawers before were disposed of or put elsewhere in the house freeing up these two drawers.

Kitchen Silverware Drawer Before

Kitchen Silverware Drawer After

Customer had purchased wooden divider and we combined everything from the old plastic ones into the new.

Kitchen Cabinet Before

Note: All items on countertop below ended up in the cabinet after we cleaned it out. These things were cluttering the counter because there was no room for them in any cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet After

Spice Cabinet Before

Spice Cabinet After

Girl's Closet Before

Girl's Closet After

Bathroom Drawer 1 Before

Bathroom Drawer 1 After

Bathroom Drawer 2 Before

Bathroom Drawer 2 After







Both After

Storage Closet for Health, Beauty and Cleaning Products Before and After (above photos)

Client already had plastic storage containers but everything was mixed up as they were not labeled.

Kitchen Desk Drawer Before

Kitchen Desk Drawer After