"Linda has been extraordinarily helpful to us in organizing our home. We recently downsized from a large private home into a smaller townhouse. Linda was there every step of the way, guiding us through the painful process of purging and sorting and helping us set up our storage areas throughout our new home. Her patient and calm demeanor were most welcome as we faced a daunting task. She has great vision and helped us transform spaces of various sizes into useful and accessible storage, all the while insuring that we purged and sorted. Like with like is her mantra, and we are fortunate to have had Linda and her superb organizational skills at our side through this wonderful yet challenging life transition."

-Eileen W. 

"Wicked Good Organizing lives up to its name!! Linda was great at explaining her approach to organization and helped me tremendously with cleaning out my basement and son's playroom recently. Her focus on donating and recycling items is environmentally conscious and reduces the amount of overall trash created during the clean-up process. She takes a methodical and step by step approach to tackling large projects so you don't feel overwhelmed. Parting with items can sometimes be difficult, especially if they have sentimental value. Linda takes a practical, sensible approach to a person's connection with their "stuff" and helps you determine what to keep and what needs to GO!"

- Julie W. 

"I had a huge need to organize my basement, it was a mess to say the least! Linda put a plan in place and helped me create an amazing basement I'm proud of! If you are in need of an amazing organizer call Linda!"

- Marie L. 

"I worked with Linda and loved her fabulous ideas. It also gave me inspiration to really get organized in other rooms. She was terrific!" 

-Cyndy R. 

"Linda has been working with me since early 2014, and was a good organizer then, and is now truly a terrific organizer in her own right.

She not only learned some of the ropes from me, but taught me many things as well.

She has the ability to see what needs to be done – and then, with our client’s needs in mind, guiding the client to a more balanced and useful way of doing things.

Our clients have a variety of de-cluttering and organizing concerns and needs. Linda has guided them toward a more balanced and useful way of arranging, filing, storing items—from cabinets to clothing to paper to almost any aspect in a home and/or home office.

And yes, even helping people learn to let go of items by donating them to those who can make use of them.

She is good. Use her with confidence. You will be glad you did."

- Eleanor Brody, Clutter Clear

"When Linda helped me go through my room I was at the point where I started to feel I was suffocating and couldn't do it on my own. My room wasn't extremely messy, but it wasn't as neat and organized as I wanted it to be. There were also a lot of things I didn't need anymore but just hadn't gotten around to getting rid of them. I had tried in the past to go through and organize things myself, but it never seemed to work.

After we went through all my shelves, drawers, and the surfaces of my dresser and desk it made a huge difference! Having Linda alongside me through the process was great as she really guided me through it - asking if I needed something or if it could go somewhere else to make it more efficient and practical to use or just have it's own place.

After we finished and I returned home the first time, when I walked into my room I couldn't believe how good it felt to actually be home and in my room. Everything had a place and was organized!"

- Rachel A.